As a nonprofit hospice, we are committed to providing hospice care to everyone in our community who needs it, including those who have no insurance or not enough coverage. In 2016, we provided $674,092 of charity care.

"Dear Montgomery Hospice:
My sister had no insurance, virtually no money to pay for medical treatment, no assets, and huge debt, and was dying of cancer, when Montgomery Hospice brought her to the Casey House.
I want to thank all of you so much for the love and care you gave my sister, at no cost to her. Her situation was a dire one. We, as her family, desperately tried to care for her at home on rotating shifts, but we were scared and very ill prepared.
It was such a relief to her and to us to have her at Casey House, where they took such excellent care of her.
Please keep doing what you are doing. The impact on families dealing with this is amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Sister of a patient

The majority of our patients have Medicare, Medicaid or commercial health insurance. But not all. When community members nearing the end of life need our help but have no insurance, we still provide care for them. These patients receive the same services as anyone else. Unfortunately the needs in our community grew in 2016. Fortunately the donors in our community support our commitment to providing end- of-life care to all and made that possible through their donations.