Letter from Montgomery Hospice President & CEO and Board Chairman

As we reflect back on 2016, we experience a feeling of gratitude. We appreciate all of our staff members, who use their unique talents to serve people in our community experiencing illness or grief. We are honored that those community members entrust us with their care. We are also grateful for all of you who donated to Montgomery Hospice in 2016. Working together we provided compassionate, professional hospice care to more than 2,000 of our seriously ill neighbors, and helped more than 5,700 people who were grieving.

Because you donated, we were able to augment Casey House staffing above the level provided by Medicare and health insurance, allowing staff the time to treat patients with acute symptoms and to gently care for their family members.

Because of your financial commitments to Montgomery Hospice, thousands of people found ways to walk through their grief with the help of our professionally trained counselors.

Because you cared, we were able to offer the choice of complementary therapies (including music, touch, aroma and massage) to our patients, going beyond traditional medical treatments to provide comfort.

Because your heart breaks at the thought of a dying child and you wrote a check, we were able to continue our Montgomery Kids program.

And because you believe that no one should be alone at end of life and that every person is valuable, and you followed up those beliefs by donating, we were able to provide care to our neighbors who had no insurance coverage.

So, we sincerely thank you.

In this report, we show some of the many notes sent to Montgomery Hospice by grateful family members. We share the gratitude expressed in these letters with you, because you play an essential role as part of the Montgomery Hospice team. We humbly trust that you will continue your commitment to patients and families through your donations. Together, in 2017, we will continue to “gentle the journey through serious illness and loss with skill and compassion.”

Ann Mitchell, M.P.H.
President & CEO

Paul E. Alpuche, Jr., Esq.
Chairman, Board of Directors