In 2016, the Montgomery Kids physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains and hospice aides collaborated with community physicians to provide care for 18 children, while also supporting their family members and friends.

"With thankfulness and gratitude for the love you have shown, I give this check to further support your worthy and blessed efforts. You gave the name 'hospice' a whole new meaning when you opened your arms to my granddaughter. Your kindness and professionalism, your abilities and love, helped make her life a joy these last months.

This joy, like a pebble in a pool, radiated out through her to all who cared for her and knew her, and enriched our lives as well.

Thank you, and may your group always be there."

With great appreciation and love, 
Grandmother of a Montgomery Kids patient

No words can possibly describe what it is like for a family to have a child who is seriously ill. The temptation is to look the other way. Montgomery Hospice staff members do the opposite. They offer to help. They use their extensive expertise and their big hearts to care for those children. Equally, they care for the families, because the lives of parents and children and siblings are intertwined. The focus is on helping the children live as fully as possible. Besides the clinical work of alleviating pain and the practical work of caregiving, enormous effort and creativity is dedicated to bringing joy—and fun—to each child. The memories that are made during this time help sustain the families after the child dies. When that death happens, the professional counselors on the bereavement staff step in. For two years, they call and listen and send articles and call again and meet with parents and listen and provide counseling and listen some more. They reaffirm the message that love doesn’t die. Your donations to Montgomery Kids allow our clinicians to provide expert medical care to a dying child and to walk with each parent through the grief.