At a time when demand for our services is increasing and insurance reimbursements (our main source of revenue) are decreasing, philanthropic support from the community is the critical margin of difference. With your support we are able to maintain a high level of service for all who need our care including uncompensated but integral bereavement and volunteer support services. Montgomery Hospice is a vital resource to Montgomery County, and without your donations we cannot meet the needs of our community!

Debbie McGregor

Montgomery Hospice Board of Directors

Snyder Cohn, CPAs and Business Advisor


2016 Summary of Operations
Revenue & Support
Net Patient Services Revenue 24,453,806
Funds Raised 1,340,878
Other Revenue 593,374
Total Revenue & Support 26,388,058
Salaries and Benefits 19,066,392
Pharmacy, Medical Equipment and other Patient- Related Services 3,073,320
Fundraising 438,676
Administrative and facility expenses 2,883,524
Total Operating Expenses 25,461,912
Change in Net Assets 926,146
2016 Statement of Financial Position
Current Assets 8,087,455
Investments 14,694,185
Fixed Assets and other non Current Assets 2,866,061
Total Assets 25,647,701
Current Liabilities 2,631,541
Non Current Liabilities 370,270
Net Assets 22,645,890
Total Liabilities and Net Assets 25,647,701