Lou and Kim Fiorentino

Kim and I support the Montgomery Hospice Complementary Therapies Program. Our support stems from different perspectives. Kim has viewed, both personally and professionally (as an attorney who works with many families confronting end-stage illness), the challenging process of losing a loved one. Whether it was a progressed dementia or a terminal illness in a younger person, Kim has also seen how Montgomery Hospice assists during these difficult moments.

My experience with pain management issues came when my first wife Helen was experiencing "break-through pain" as a result of metastatic cervical cancer. As a patient, Helen employed many unique approaches to ameliorate her pain. Transcendental meditation, acupuncture and yoga played major roles. In addition, as an artist, Helen used her canvas to express her feelings and to assist her in managing the complex path her disease took. At a late stage in Helen’s life, I called Montgomery Hospice to help us manage this very difficult problem. They quickly put together a team of highly qualified professionals to develop a pain management program. Their treatment protocols made a big difference in Helen’s quality of life.

When Kim and I discussed some of our charitable giving goals, we were intrigued with the new Complementary Therapy Program that Montgomery Hospice wanted to add to the therapies available to its clients. While Montgomery Hospice always took a holistic approach to treating people and their families, the complementary therapies added a new component that further dignifies the patients and also gives them comfort in a very human and touching way. Complementary therapies add an important dimension to the outstanding standard of care -- in the task of pain management and in the process of “gentling the journey” for all of those whose lives Montgomery Hospice touches.

Lou Fiorentino

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I want to make a difference for those living with serious illness & loss in Montgomery County.

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