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Taking Care of YOU: Self-Care for Family Caregivers
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Self-Care ideas for those caring for a Montgomery Hospice patient

It can be hard to focus on your own needs when you are caring for a hospice patient. If you share caregiving duties, the stress of caregiving may create tensions among family and friends, even as you pull together to care for your loved one.

Taking care of yourself may seem selfish, but it is a necessity. Finding ways to replenish yourself is essential.

Here are some suggestions that may help.


  • Get sleep when you can. Have someone else look after your loved one if you need to rest. You may want to use home visits by volunteers as an opportunity to catch up on rest.
  • Eat regular, balanced meals. Our volunteers can help with grocery shopping and light meal preparation.
  • Maintain routines such as bathing, hair care, dental and medical appointments.
  • Do some physical activity, even if it is just going for a short walk.
  • Accept help from other caregivers and volunteers.


  • Caregiving can be isolating. It is important to keep in touch with others who are supportive of you.
  • You may want to make regular phone calls to stay in touch, or you may ask your friends to call you regularly.
  • You may want friends and family to visit, or you may want your space and privacy. Our counselors can help you sort out what works best for you and how to ask for the help you need.
  • Our volunteers can visit with patients, so you can take a break and get support for yourself from friends and other social networks.

Emotional and spiritual support can also help sustain caregivers.

Taking care of yourself is hard but important. We are here to support you and your loved ones in ways that respect your beliefs, values and personal needs.

If you would like to talk, if you would like reassurance, or if you need support from our professionals or volunteers to give you a break from caregiving, please call us at 301 921 4400.


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