Certificate in End-of-Life Care

Certificate in End-of-Life Care

In 2017, the Montgomery Hospice Center for Learning launched a certificate program for working professionals who wish to gain greater insight and knowledge in the field of end-of-life care.  This program offers training that professionals can practically apply when serving patients and families dealing with life-limiting illnesses.  Courses are taught by experienced clinicians with expertise in a variety of disciplines. 

Features of the program:

  • affordable
  • meaningful education
  • practical knowledge
  • online and in-person courses

Certificate Requirements

Each individual must complete coursework, a final assessment, and a written portion to complete this certificate program.

Completion of 10 courses offered through the Montgomery Hospice Center for Learning

  1. MANDATORY (all 7 must be completed)
  • Understanding the Hospice Benefit
  • Taking STOCK of Patients’ Needs: Hospice Eligibility
  • Complementary Therapies: Nurturing through the Senses
  • Practical Strategies for Conversations on End of Life and Hospice ( previously "Difficult Conversations")
  • The Last Lap: Signs and Symptoms at the End of Life
  • With All I Have to Hold: Coping with End-of-Life Caregiving/Helping People Grow Through Grief and Mourning​
  • The Truth About Opioid Usage at the end of Life
  1. ELECTIVE (Choose 3.  A variety of elective programs will be offered each year.  Below is an example of elective programs that may be offered.)
  • Providing Culturally Sensitive Care at the End of Life
  • Nutrition at the End of Life: Why are you Starving Grandma? 
  • Dementia at End of Life
  • Montgomery Hospice Annual Conference
  • Alive Inside showing/Being Mortal

**Some courses will be offered online. Courses that were completed as early as January 2014 will meet requirements for this certificate.

Written Portion

Participants must complete one reflection that challenges them to think through certain end-of-life topics.

Cost of program

The program cost is $100 which is to be submitted at the completion of certificate requirements. 

Register at https://goo.gl/forms/WrIkW7DsYAF5uH2r1 to receive a detailed description of certificate requirements. 

For more information, contact Isabel Tom, Montgomery Hospice Center for Learning Program Manager at itom@montgomeryhospice.org or 301-637-1866.  

(Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

I want to make a difference for those living with serious illness & loss in Montgomery County.

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