Coping with grief

Living with Loss

“I think that I am going crazy.”

People who are grieving the death of a loved one often express this fear to the Bereavement Counselors at Montgomery Hospice. The wide range of emotions and sensations that come with a death can overwhelm us and make us feel like we are going crazy. Our lives are turned upside down and we are often shocked that this terrible event has happened to our loved one and to us. The journey of grief can present challenges as we learn to live with loss. Adjusting to the reality of the loss, coping with difficult feelings and finding our way through grief takes time and the support of others. 

There are many paths on this journey of grief. They are as varied as we are and as unique as our relationships with those we love. Each of us must grieve in our own way. Knowing some of the common feelings, sensations and reactions during grief can make the experience less frightening and help us to remember that we are normal in our grieving.

How we experience grief depends on many things:

  • our relationship with the deceased
  • the daily impact that their absence has on our lives
  • the supports we have in our lives
  • our style of coping

Some of us are private people and find it most helpful to read written materials (articles on grief). Some of us find comfort in sharing our experiences with a bereavement counselor or with others who are grieving. The support groups and workshops at Montgomery Hospice provide a safe place to do this. Support groups and workshops are open to anyone in the community. Whatever your style of grieving, a Bereavement Counselor at Montgomery Hospice can help you sort through your feelings, explore ways of coping and support you on your journey. 

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