When grief comes home during the holidays, how do you manage?

Ways to help a grieving person during the holidays:

  • Ask if they would like someone to be with them to decorate or cook or whatever they plan to do
  • Include them in your invitations for events
  • Respect their decision to say yes or no to invitations
  • Ask them what their tough days will be
  • Listen to their memories and stories of their loved one and share yours
  • Encourage them to care for themselves
  • Give them permission to lower expectations of themselves
  • Listen, listen, listen

If you are recently bereaved:

  • Accept your grief, it is hard work
  • Give yourself time and space to feel
  • Try not to put so much pressure on yourself–keep it simple
  • Remember, you don't have to live up to others' expectations
  • Focus on what you need
  • Choose to keep familiar rituals or to try new ones
  • Take good care of you

written by Elaine Tiller, M.Div.

© Copyright 2008 E.Tiller

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