How is hospice paid for?

Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances cover hospice services.

Most hospice patients use the Medicare Hospice Benefit to pay for their care. Coverage by Medicaid and most private insurance is similar to the Medicare Hospice Benefit. Montgomery Hospice covers the costs of qualified patients needing care who have no insurance.

The Medicare Hospice benefit

Medicare Part A pays hospices a fee that covers hospice care.

The Medicare Hospice Benefit offers 100% coverage for hospice services, including expert pain and symptom management, care from a team of professionals, medicines, medical equipment and medical supplies

The Hospice Benefit does not pay for round-the-clock care for patients. Hospice social workers help families figure out how to get additional care for patients who need more help.

Unlike the Medicare Home Health benefit, the Hospice Benefit does not require patients to be homebound. Hospice patients are free to go out to visit friends and family, or participate in other activities as they are able.

Read more information about Medicare Hospice Benefits on the website.


Coverage by Medicaid is similar to the coverage provided by the Medicare Hospice Benefit.

Private Insurance

Most private insurances cover most or all of the cost of hospice care but some policies may have deductibles, co-pays or maximums that apply. Montgomery Hospice staff members work with each individual’s insurance company to ensure that patients get the care that they are entitled to. Please call Montgomery Hospice (finance department) to get help with insurance questions or concerns.

Charity care

All hospice-eligible patients admitted to Montgomery Hospice will have access to hospice services regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. Montgomery Hospice will help patients assess their eligibility for various kinds of financial support, and offers charity care at no charge to qualified indigent patients. We also have a sliding fee scale for patients who may be able to pay for some, but not all of their care. For more information, please see the link to our complete charity care/ financial aid policy below.

Review Montgomery Hospice Charity Care policy.


More information: watch the video Paying for Hospice Care

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