Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapies are different techniques that can be used along with conventional medical care to provide comfort to patients.

Montgomery Hospice strives to provide the best possible care for our patients and families. In addition to conventional medical care, we offer the following holistic therapies and services for comfort and symptom relief. These services are available to patients at home, in facilities, and at Casey House. These therapies include:

Palliative Massage / Touch Therapy – therapeutic massage techniques used where clinically indicated to relieve pain, muscle tension and other specific symptoms. Provided by Licensed Massage Therapists.

Comfort Touch® – a nurturing form of touch designed for elderly, ill or frail patients. This gentle touch technique soothes the nervous system, easing stress and promoting deep relaxation. 

Lavender Oil Hand Massage – an accessible means of stress relief combining the soothing aroma of Lavender and the comfort of touch. Provided to patients and caregivers using a special blend of Jojoba oil and Lavender essential oil.

Reiki – a gentle energy technique involving hands placed lightly on or just above the body to promote relaxation, comfort and a sense of well-being. Volunteer practitioners are qualified through Montgomery Hospice.

Watch this video to learn about the music services provided at Montgomery Hospice.

Music Therapy - the use of live or recorded musical interventions to address specific therapeutic needs of a patient. Examples include singing, lyrics analysis, active music listening, or song-writing. Provided by Board Certified Music Therapists.

Threshold Choir  - small ensemble of singers who bring comfort to those at the threshold of living and dying. Gentle voices, simple songs, and sincere kindness soothe and reassure patients and family.

Music at the Bedside – use of music to bring peace and comfort. Talented musicians are available to play a variety of musical instruments at the bedside. An extensive musical library, with music of many genres, is available and played on CDs or iPods. Music MemorySM Certified.

Reverie Harp – small stringed instrument designed to be used with patients for comfort and healing. Peaceful and calming, Reverie Harp music often accompanies Tea Time at Casey House.

Aromatherapy – use of pure essential oils from plants to ease symptoms and enhance well-being. Aromatherapy products developed by staff clinical aromatherapists may be used in patient care in addition to traditional medications. Montgomery Hospice Clinical Aromatherapists are Registered Nurses certified by the Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy.​

Pet Therapy – visits by certified pets to offer comfort, tactile stimulation and unconditional love. Provided through partnerships with several pet certifying organizations.

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