Hospice facts

Learn the basics about hospice services. 

  • Montgomery Hospice helps people who are nearing the end of their lives.   
  • Montgomery Hospice helps the entire family, not just the patient.   
  • Montgomery Hospice continues to help the family of a patient after the patient dies.   
  • Hospice patients who have Medicare Part A coverage do not pay any bills for hospice services.  
  • When patients choose hospice, they can keep their own doctor.   
  • Montgomery Hospice patients continue to take many of the medications that they have been taking.  
  • Montgomery Hospice care takes place in people’s homes and in nursing homes.   
  • People who change their minds about hospice can leave hospice.  
  • Some patients improve under hospice care and leave the program.
  • Hospice care is not only for the very last week of someone’s life; patients can receive services for months.  
  • Hospice is not limited to six months of care.
  • Montgomery Hospice welcomes calls asking for information at any time.  


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