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Anyone can refer a patient for hospice care, including a doctor, family member or the person who is ill. It's best to contact us early in a serious illness, even if you're not sure if hospice is your preferred option now. Often, we can explain choices that people don't understand or haven't heard of. We will explain in detail the services that hospice provides for both patients and their loved ones.  Contacting us early helps ensure there is time to make patients as comfortable as possible and time to teach families what to expect as an illness progresses.

How does a family know when their loved one is nearing death and could benefit from hospice services? 

Montgomery Hospice doctors and nurses are familiar with symptoms that indicate that a person may qualify for hospice benefits. The symptoms are different depending on the disease, but often include things such as significant weight loss, a decrease in ability to participate in normal daily activities or multiple trips to the hospital in a short period of time.

Feel free to call Montgomery Hospice to discuss a particular patient and what services might be available for that person, now or in the future. Gathering information for the future can ease stress and help with decision-making.

Call Montgomery Hospice (301-921-4400) any time, any day. 

Please call us if you have questions about hospice services, or want to discuss your specific situation with one of our staff. 

Note, we have a direct line to the "admissions department" that is answered every day from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
That number is 301-637-1888.

(Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

I want to make a difference for those living with serious illness & loss in Montgomery County.

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