Montgomery Kids

Montgomery Hospice provides compassionate, professional care for children who have a life-limiting illness.

We care for children of all ages, from infants to teenagers and young adults. 

We support the children in their homes, surrounded by family, friends and the things that they love.

The Montgomery Kids team is a dedicated, interdisciplinary group of trained professionals who work with the children, their families, and their doctors or other caregivers.

The Montgomery Kids team respects the wishes and priorities of each child and family.

When do families call Montgomery Hospice?

Families often call us after months or years of treatment and repeated hospitalizations, when they and their child’s doctors feel that the child could benefit from the expertise of the Montgomery Kids team members.

How does Montgomery Kids work with the child’s current doctors?

The doctors who have been caring for the child continue to be involved, working closely with the Montgomery Kids team. Collaboration with these other medical professionals is crucial.

What medical services are provided by Montgomery Kids?

The hospice physician and nurse closely monitor the child, work to alleviate symptoms, manage medications and equipment, and provide education to the family and other caregivers.

Are treatments stopped when a child receives hospice care?

No. The child’s physician and the hospice physician, in conjunction with the child’s family, decide on a “plan of care” that will provide comfort for the child.

What other services are provided?

The hospice social worker provides emotional support and works to solve practical issues that arise. If desired, a chaplain can visit to explore spiritual concerns. Trained volunteers are available to share music or stories with the child, help with siblings or run errands.

The Montgomery Kids team strives to support the child and the entire family, and to help them deal with this extraordinarily difficult time. Montgomery Hospice bereavement professionals provide coping tools, tips on creating memories, and ongoing education about grief and loss.

How are services paid for?

Most private insurance companies cover hospice care, as does Medicaid. Donations from our community allow Montgomery Hospice to provide financial assistance to families without insurance or any other way to pay.

How can families learn more about Montgomery Kids?

A family whose child is struggling with a serious illness can call Montgomery Hospice at any time to learn more about the Montgomery Kids program and the services provided. Members of the Montgomery Kids team are available to meet with families in a hospital or in a home, at no cost, to provide detailed and specific information.

(Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

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