About us

Montgomery Hospice is a nonprofit hospice serving residents of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Montgomery Hospice is accredited by The Joint Commission. The Joint Commission inspects Montgomery Hospice for compliance with Medicare regulations, as well as their own rigorous standards, at least every three years.

Our Mission

To gentle the journey through serious illness and loss with skill and compassion.

Our Vision

To bring comfort by providing the best care to our community's multicultural residents who are facing serious illness and loss.

To be the best workplace for staff and volunteers.

Our Core Values

The principles that guide our employees and volunteers are:

  • Unconditional Compassion: Compassionate care, partnered with professional excellence, is the heart of our service.
  • Dignity of the Dying: We affirm the right of our patients to be treated with respect, and to be honored as unique individuals.
  • Dedication: We are committed and privileged to ease the burdens and challenges that our patients and families face.
  • Collaboration: Mutual respect, empathy and trust unite us in providing care.
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I want to make a difference for those living with serious illness & loss in Montgomery County.

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